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We deliver fresh, organic fruit & snacks to your office Try a Free Sample Box!

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For 5-20 employees
Roughly 25-30 servings of fruit

This week's Standard Office Box contains:
3 Fuji Apples (WA)
3 Gala Apples (Chile)
6 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru)
4 Valencia Oranges (Mexico)
2 Peaches (CA)
3 Bartlett Pears (Argentina)
3 Bosc Pears (Argentina)

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Large $48

For 20+ employees
Roughly 40-45 servings of fruit

This week's Large Office Box contains:
5 Fuji Apples (WA)
4 Gala Apples (Chile)
10 lb Bananas (Colombia, Ecuador, or Peru)
5 Valencia Oranges (Mexico)
3 Peaches (CA)
5 Bartlett Pears (Argentina)
4 Bosc Pears (Argentina)

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Individualized Quote

For 50+ employees
We build a custom plan for you.

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Keep Your Employees Happy and Energized

It's healthy

It's flexible

  • A variety of fruit options to meet your company’s budget and needs.
  • Add snacks and other grocery items, like coffee, tea, milk, nuts, granola bars, popcorn and more!

It's convenient and easy to manage

  • No more trips to the store.
  • Set a weekly order to be delivered right to your breakroom.
  • No subscription or other delivery fees.* Cancel at any time.
  • *We do charge a small fee for deliveries made above the third floor or where parking/accessibility is difficult.

“The office box from Boston Organics provides energizing morning and afternoon snacks for the employees of A Better City. We started with a simple fruit box, but over the year employees have requested that we add on items like peanut butter, chocolate, teas, milk and cheeses.
Not only is this more sustainable than a vending machine, but way more fresh and healthy than the typical office snacks”

- Megan Ramey,